About us


We are a laboratory founded by three Cooperatives operating in the area of Sanitary Services, Assistance, Education and Employment:

www.proges.it www.biricca.it www.emc2onlus.it

The laboratory operates with people suffering from Mental Disorders, in collaboration with DAISM-DP (Integrated Mental Health Welfare Department and Pathological Addictions ) of the USL (Local Sanitary Unit) in Parma.

It is the first of a series of laboratories (hence the name "Officine Riunite - Reunited workshops") which has the ambition of building innovative design quality objects, taking advantage of the knowledge and the collaboration of a network of individuals and agencies: patients, families, artists, craftsmen, industries, etc.

People even with severe emotional pain can build quality objects, teach others how to do it, sell and earn, seeing in the eyes of the customers and from their comments the admiration for their work.


We would like to thank who helped us:

Associazione "Va' Pensiero" (donation of tools and materials from a previous laboratory)  -  www.forumsolidarieta.it/associazioni/volontariato/associazione-pensiero.aspx

Ugo Bertotti (website design, brands and much more)  -  www.ugobertotti.it

Raffaella Zavalloni (cardboard assembling techniques, artistic supervision)  -  www.raffaellazavalloni.it

Dott. Marco Papotti, Dott. Francesco Mion, Coord. Mezzadri Alberto, Dott. ssa Resta Annalisa, from "Coop. Proges" (laboratory setup and organization)  -  www.proges.it

DAISM-DP of Az. USL di Parma  -  www.ausl.pr.it

Giacomo Reverberi nd family, Dott. Berretta Giuseppe (kite technical advice, donation of professional kites)

Boschi Andrea, from "Paradelta" Company( materials and technical expertise, use of machinery)  -  www.paradelta.it

Ing. Giordano Comelli from "Comelli srl" Company (technical supervision, use of machinery)  -  www.comellisrl.com

Dott. Claudio Dall'Agata from "Consorzio Bestack" (research and contacts of corrugated cardboard producers)  -  www.bestack.com

Dott.ssa Maria Costanza di Salvia, from "Scatolificio Sandra" Company (supply of corrugated cardboard)  -  www.scatsandra.com

Gino and Elena Dondi from "Padana Imballaggi" Company (research for materials)  - www.padanaimballaggi.it

Dallara Cristina from "Fustelpack" Company (supply)  -  www.fustelpack.com

Dott. Francesco Bruno (website realization)

All the operators of the RTP "Fattoria di Vigheffio" (competence, operative, technical and emotive support)

All the guests of the Farm who work, potter or not work at all in the laboratory (without them....)